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Installment three in a series that is difficult to present with words. Let's say it's humorous in a way that will not please everyone. Animated by Alpha-Nuva and voiced by RicePirate.
This animation follows the adventure of a young boy who discovers that his world is full of latex forehead strap-ons.. Written by Velex, animated and voiced by Sexual-Lobster.
Fed up with his owner, a pet hamster fights through anything to get to freedom. This amusing cartoon features funny voices and very good animation. Created by Zulzee.
'Retarded Animal Babies 9' was only available on a DVD for a long while, but finally Dave has decided to release it for the general public. Check out his other stuff at
God disguises himself as a burning bush for some reason.. If you like this animation by Sam T Nelson watch the other 11 episodes of the series at his website
The Darkest Knight thwarts a criminal's predisposition for violence in a dangerous urban setting. Justice is served, batman style. Animation and voice by Sweetsweetback.
The second installment of 'Prosnorkulus' was long awaited and does not disappoint. Warning: Don't watch if you are a little girl. By Ryan Maddox a.k.a. MiddleFingerRings
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