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aaaaaLong ago in a distant land I was born. They call it Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. When I was 13 my parents and I moved to Vratza, a small town where I graduated at the local highschool, studying a lot of English. After that I returned in my hometown to further my education in the field that I have always been attracted to – Visual Arts.
aaaaaThe next two years I spent developing my skills in design at the Technical University of Sofia – ranked among the most prestigious in the country (not joking). During that period I was able to expand my vision taking various courses from Drawing and Color Studies to Shape forming and Aesthetics. That was a very influential part of my life, but there was something oppressive starting to shape in my mind. I felt that I am living in a social environment where most people fear the risk of failure so much that they cannot attempt anything new.

aaaaaI sensed that the time of the next challenge has come so I decided to participate in a Work & Travel Program and to taste the American style of life. That proved to be a significant decision. I realized that by turning my back on routines and by taking risks, I could achieve things I never considered or thought possible. For 4 months I worked in a small town called Keystone, a mile away from the Mount Rushmore National Monument, South Dakota. I enjoyed myself so much that the next summer I found myself back in the United States. I spent a total of 9 great months in the United States working and visiting 13 different states.
   aa   After my American odyssey I returned home and decided that it is time for a professional career. In October 2003 I was lucky to become a part of an international team of graphic designers, called Clipart DeSIGN. The company is based in Bulgaria, but has employees all over the world using the Internet. I helped creating more than 2000 clipart graphics that can be seen and bought on the company's web page.

   aa   Alongside my new exciting job I continued my education, defended my Final Project and got my Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Design in June 2005. I am an Engineer, yes. It says it in my diploma. After a couple of months of wandering I applied and was accepted to study in the States. I arrived in New York in January 2006, looking for my new challenge - the City College of the City University of New York.
  aa    In my first semester I studied Fine Arts and concentrated on series of works based on an idea that came to me rather accidentally - painting and drawing on objects that I found on the streets. I consider that to be a fascinating moment in my career as an artist. Expressing my ideas on found objects turned to be something that I really enjoyed throughout the semester. During that period I did many creations on found objects – wooden boards, panels, etc. As it was my first semester I felt free to investigate and explore different media – spilled ink and more traditional techniques as acrylic painting on canvas and drawings on different surfaces.
    aa   But my passions have always been computer games and animation. After a semester in the Fine Arts Program I transferred to Electronic Design and Multimedia. It was hard times for me in a new world but in the new program I had more time to animate and study programming and I really enjoyed that. My artwork has been always influenced by comics and cartoons and since I was a little boy I always had dreams about creating computer games. After my arrival in the States I discovered a computer program called Flash, the tool that I thank for all my creations in recent years.
           After three and a half years of studying at City College I graduated in July 2009 and I obtained my second Bachelor's Degree - this time a BFA in Electronic Design and Multimedia. Meanwhile I worked and completed tens of animations and a couple of online Flash games. Many of those received prestigious online awards.
          On December 18th, 2006 I released my first online game
The Timewaster, something that I started as a school project. In it you have to press buttons in specific order, but as you play challenges get harder and it get way more complicated than just buttons. The actual assignment wasn't to create a game, but I took some artistic liberties and put it up online. For my honest surprise it was received very well by many portal websites, who showcased it to hundreds of thousands of viewers. The game became very popular at Hallpass and was also frontpaged at Kongregate. I received a sponsorship offer from Maxgames, which I received.
          On November 4th, 2008 my second game The Timewaster Ultra hit the internet. It is basically a sequel of The Timewaster with polished graphics, more levels and more engaging gameplay. It was sponsored by Bubblebox and won a daily third place award at Newgrounds. It is also featured at big websites such as Yahoo!games, Addictinggames and Armorgames and many other major websites. The feedback and the sponsorship deal for this game made me consider putting more focus and effort into developing online games as a profession rather than a hobby.

          On April 9th, 2009 my third game Mighty Red Orb was released. In it you control a mighty red orb and you can shoot atoms to break through walls to reach the teleport at the end of the levels. It was sponsored by Notdoppler, won daily fourth place and was frontpaged at Newgrounds. Many big gaming sites such as Yahoo!games, Bigfishgames, Addictinggames and FreeWorldGroup featured it.

          On May 8th, 2010 I released my fourth game Ultimate Chess, my first game which made a serious impact. In this one chess pieces come to life to fight each other. Every time you capture an enemy piece you watch an animation of how that capture actually happens. Ultimate Chess was sponsored by Mofunzone. It won daily first place at Newgrounds and is been one of the leading games at Yahoo!games, still a permanent member of their frontpage by this very day. It is also featured at many other major online places.
          On August 13th, 2011 Nanobeast was released - my fifth online game. It's a pixelated retro-style shooter game with 8-bit music specifically written for the game by the talented Finnish composer Christian Erenskjold. It was sponsored by Arcadebomb and won daily first place on Newgrounds. Nanobeast brought the attention of Fettspielen, a German magazine for online games, which featured the game and interviewed me, asking me all sorts of interesting questions. Nanobeast is part of many big websites' collections of shooter games.
          On December 6th, 2011 I released my sixth game - Color Follower, an abstract neo-retro game in which you have to use the mouse to complete puzzles and advance forward. It was the first game that I decided to release as a self-sponsored project in order to bring users to my website. The game became fairly popular and was featured on prestigious websites such as Newgrounds, Andkon, etc.
          On October 31th, 2012 I released my seventh game - Tribot Fighter, the most serious project I've worked on in my carrer. It's a fighting game with puzzle elements in which you can transform into 3 different robots as you fight your way through action packed levels. Tribot Fighter was sponsored by Flashjolt. The first impression it made online is absolutely amazing and exceeded my bravest hopes and expectations. For a couple of weeks the game has been played by millions of users all around the world - China, Brazil, Russia, USA and Argentina and Spain being the leading nations.
          Since 2006 I have also created over 20 online Flash animations. The most notable are Cigar Wars,
Rising Death, Robot Dreams and Nanobeast: First Blood. Please stay tuned, I have a lot more stuff coming your way :)

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