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A fighting game with puzzle elements? Transform into 3 different robots while you fight your way through the tower to reach and defeat the final boss. Sponsored by
In this extremely challenging abstract puzzle/skill game you control the red agent. The blue agent will always follow you. Can you guide both agents through all 30 levels? Can you?
40 unique tests that will challenge your reactions, creativity and short term memory. The title and many other aspects of this game are misleading. Sponsored by
The game was sponsored by and became a big hit on the Internet in the spring of 2007. It is featured on tens of websites and has more than a million hits overall.
Nanobeast is a challenging retro-shooter that features a unique upgrade system and has original 8-bit music written especially for the game. Sponsored by
Chess pieces come to life to beat the snot, blood and brains out of each other. Can you think of something that would be more fun? Of course, not. Sponsored by
You are Mighty. You are Red. You are an Orb. The Eternal Power is with you. You have three little white balls gravitating around you. Are you ready? Sponsored by
Mighty Purple Orb is a sequel of Mighty Red Orb with more action, more power-ups, more levels, more bullets, more puzzles and more drama. Sponsored by
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